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Illawarra defeats ACT-Monaro in Inter-district challenge at Yowani

After a gap of two years (due to Covid) the inter-district Challenge series between the four DGA’s of ACT-Monaro, Illawarra, Newcastle and the Central Coast re-convened this weekend. A strong Illawarra District Team of 8 adults and 4 juniors visited Canberra this weekend and defeated an ACT-Monaro Team at the Yowani Golf Club. Photo shows ACT-M DGA Captain Josh Reid presenting the trophy to Illawarra winning Captain Anthony Brunero. Although the course was a little waterlogged the weather turned out to be OK for the weekend and we managed to get all games completed without rain interruptions. Like the top Pro’s around the World we played lift, clean and replaced in the general area and all bunkers were GUR. However, there were the odd instances of balls being lost in the middles of fairways due to being buried in a few sodden sections — the players had to be patient and showed admirable patience in some trying situations. The DGA thanks and applauds the club for providing such a good course under the difficult conditions.

DAY 1 Saturday – Four-Ball Best Ball

Juniors: Illawarra’s Cooper Nianios & Aksell Thomsen beat ACT’s Noah Bricknell and Henry Kanis 3&1; Illawarra’s Andrew Brown and Sam Cascio squared their match with ACT’s Nathan White and Callan Robertson.

Adults: ACT’s Harry Smith and Robbie Furner beat Illawarra’s Mark Johnson and Nathan Whiteman 2 up, to cancel out Illawarra’s 1 up win for Tommy Hols and Ethan Harvey over Jarred Hunt and Angelo Bourandanis. The other two matches between ACT’s John Fitzgerald and Scott Nolan v Anthony Brunero and Jason Last and ACT;’s Josh Reid and James Bull v Jason Ward and Brendan Dodds ended up square. Josh and James did well to square as they were 2 down on the 17th tee. So, at the end of day 1 Illawarra held a slim lead of 3.5 to 2.5.

DAY 2 Sunday – Individual Match play

A nicer day — still cool, for the South-coast visitors, but it was sunny and clear with variable light winds so quite a nice day for golf. Unfortunately, for the ACT -M team the Illawarra players proved stronger in the individual match-ups and came out with 7 wins to ACT’s 4 wins, with one game squared.

Results are listed below with the ACT players and their home clubs listed on the left:

Jarred Hunt (Goulburn) lost to Tom Holz 2&1

Robbie Furner (Yass) lost to Ethan Harvey 6&5

John Fitzgerald (Yowani) beat Jason Ward 2&1

Angelo Bourandanis (Royal) lost to Brendan Dodds 2&1

Scott Nolan (Goulburn) beat Jason Last 1up

Harry Smith (Queanbeyan) beat Anthony Brunero 4&3

Josh Reid (Royal) beat Nathan Whiteman 5&3

James Bull (Royal) lost to Mark Johnson 2&1

Nathan White (Yowani) lost to Andrew Brown 2&1

Callan Robertson (Federal) lost to Sam Cascio 4&2

Nolan Bricknell squared with Aksell Thomsen

Henry Kanis (Federal) lost to Cooper Nianios 5&4

The FINAL RESULT was, therefore, a fairly convincing win to the Illawarra DGA — 11 matches to 7 matches.