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As recently reported by Jonathan Ricks on the DGA’s facebook site, we have decided that rather than just cancel the OOM for this year, or move points from this year to next year, we will award prizes in the OOM at the end of 2021. So that previous champions of this event — who had to play more than 12 rounds, to get a good enough score to win, do not feel too aggrieved — the prizes for this year, which has been so badly affected by Covid, will be reduced proportionately. At the start of the year there were up to 18 district OPEN events that had been included in the calendar of possible events that could count towards the OOM. Many of these have been cancelled due to Covid, so that, as of today (13/11/21), it looks like the total rounds that could have been played will likely be only 9.

New Conditions for this reduced OOM:

a) Individuals must have played a minimum of 3 rounds to qualify;

b) To determine winners — For the scratch division – total best 4 scores will be used; for handicap division total best 3 scores will be used.

c) An individual is not eligible to win both scratch and nett prizes.

d) For this year, the final event — The District Championships, at Goulburn, will count double points.

The final three events for this year are the RMC OPEN (Sunday 14th Nov.), the YASS OPEN (Sunday 28th Nov) and the ACT-M DGA District Championships at Goulburn (Sunday 12th OR 19th Dec., 21).